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What to do in Armenia when you have reached one of the most remote and beautiful sceneries in the world? We are happy to offer you attractive hiking trails of different lengths across the Syunik region. All of them stretch across spectacular mountain terrain and are designed to meet the abilities of different age groups with average physical fitness.

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This tour can be called “A meeting of old and new”. The start is at the Halidzor aerial tramway station, walking down by well-built road to Halidzor village (built in 1966). On the way down, we can clearly see that we are approaching Old Halidzor village because of the dirt road. In the early 10th century, the village of Halidzor was gifted to Tatev and it belonged to the monastery until the 19th century. The small stone houses were built in the cascade style, traditional for Armenian alpine villages, where the roof of the lower house serves as the yard of the upper one. Here we take a tour to see the old church, mineral springs, old ruins of houses and old cemetery and complete the tour. The return path is via the same route.

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If you have chosen the Great Hermitage of Tatev route and are going to buy a ropeway ticket, we strongly recommend that you purchase the Great Hermitage of Tatev route from the “Buy tickets now” section above and choose the one-way ropeway ticket. The return path is included in the Great Hermitage of Tatev route and is by car. This way, you save 1,500 AMD.

Tatev Village
Great Hermitage of Tatev
Devil’s bridge
Halidzor Cableway Station
Old Halidzor Village
Halidzor Cableway Station

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