Cave Village and Hanging Bridge

The historic cave village Khndzoresk, located on the steep slope of a gorge, is comprised of both natural and manmade caves. At the inhabiting community’s height, some estimates suggest that population grew to as many as 15,000 people. Since many of the dwellings were carved out over and around each other, a complex system of ropes and ladders were required for people to reach many corners of the community. The village even had two churches and three schools. The cave dwellings were inhabited until as late as the 1950s, at which point it is said that Soviet officials deemed the caves unfit and uncivilized, forcing the remaining villagers to leave.

Making access to the abandoned settlement a bit easier if no less harrowing is a 160-meter long suspension bridge that was built using nothing more than local funds and labor in 2012 which shakes with every footstep. The new bridge connects Old Khndzoresk and New Khndzoresk, the modern village, bridging Armenia’s history with the present day both figuratively and literally.

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