What to see on the way

Unforgettable view of biblical Mount Ararat



KhorVirap Monastery


Khor Virap (“deep dungeon”) is a monastery of the Armenian Apostolic Church, located near the Turkish border, at the base of Mount Ararat. From here opens a magnificent view of the biblical mountain.

The monastery is located above an underground prison, where Armenian King Tiridates III for about 13 years held in captivity St. Gregory the Illuminator until the latter converted him to Christianity (in 301). The entrance to the underground prison, remaining intact today, is located in St. Gregory’s bell tower, built in 1661. The underground prison ranges from 3 to 6 meters deep.  



Areni Village


Areni Village and the surrounding territories have an enormous wealth of archeological monuments: caves, castles, ruins of medieval villages, isolated cross stones, necropolises, chapel-sanctuaries, etc. The world’s oldest winery was discovered on the outskirts of Areni Village. A wine festival is held here every year for true devotees of the “drink of the gods.”





Noravank monastery complex was built in the 13th century on the ledge of the narrow and winding Arpa River gorge, near the Armenian city of Yeghegnadzor. The gorge is famous for its steep and beautiful cliffs rising behind the monastery, which houses the one of a kind two-story church Surb Astvatsatsin (Holy Mother of God) with its narrow console stairwells.


Other name – Karahunj. This stone circle is an ancient (7,500-year-old) megalithic complex consisting of numerous standing stones, some of which have large openings in the upper part. The complex was located next to a Bronze Age0 village and is presumably an ancient observatory. The seventeen stones were used to observe sunrises and sunsets during the days of solstice and equinox, as well as the 14 lunar phases.