Tatev Gateway complex

uses innovative approaches combined with national traditions and features the world’s longest aerial tramway.

Tatev Gateway complex invites you to

  • taste delicious local food at the Tatevatun restaurant;
  • listen to an audio guide to get to know the Tatev monastery’s history;
  • marvel at gorgeous vistas through binoculars;
  • visit old villages nestled upon the slopes of the gorge;
  • take part in traditional Armenian festivities;
  • purchase artisan souvenirs and pieces by Armenian craftsmen.

Wings of Tatev is implemented as part of the Tatev Revival program launched by Ruben Vardanyan and Veronika Zonabend. The aerial tramway is a non-profit project, all profits from which are directed to the initiatives of the Tatev Revival program for the restoration of the monastery and the development of local communities.

Tatev Gateway

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